How Great Landscaping Can Help Sell Your Home in Meridian IdahoIt shouldn’t be surpizing that great landscaping is one of the significant ways you can improve your home’s curb appeal and sales price, but depending on the size of the project you are considering, it can be a daunting project both physically and financially for those who lack conditioning, experience or who don’t have the right equipment to make it easier.

The truth is, however, that yard landscaping can be as simple or complex as you want it to be. A few landscaping tips are all that's needed to demystify the task of improving your home and make it easy for practically anyone.

Basic Landscaping Tips

Installing edgings and borders are some of the simplest ways to clean up your yard and begin with yard landscaping. Working with bricks and stones make up four of the five landscaping tips HouseLogic offers up for enhancing your yard. Bricks, flagstones and other types of rocks can be stacked or otherwise assembled to create flowerbed edgings, walls for raised planting beds, charming pathways, and surrounds at the bases of trees.

Shrubs and trees are other basic yard landscaping essentials. Many times people envision a yard jam-packed with colorful flowers and plants when they think "landscaping," but the right mix of trees and shrubs can really make an impact, according to Better Homes and Gardens. Choose bushes and trees with vivid shades of foliage to add multicolored dimension to your yard. If you have an artistic flair, try your hand at some creative pruning. Don't be afraid to mix textures, either. Depending on the look you're going for, you may be surprised at how striking a yucca plant is placed near a spruce tree.

Among other landscaping tips is the advice to mix it up when it comes to heights and shapes of plants and flowers. Tall, upright flowers and plants add height and contrast to shorter flowering flora and creeping ground cover. 

Landscaping in Meridian

Everyone has a different objective for yard landscaping, but one strategy saves time and money and still results in an attractive yard that looks professionally landscaped. Unless you thrive on the challenge of trying to keep tropical plants alive in your Southwestern Idaho yard, landscaping with native and cold hearty plants is the way to go. Not only do they need less water and maintenance, Money Crashers points out that indigenous plants are adapted to grow well in the arid Idaho climate, they'll attract native birds, butterflies, and other pollinating creatures, and they're eco-friendly because they don't need all the fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides that non-native plants require to stay healthy.

When landscaping in Meridian, Idaho or the surrounding area, is a valuable reference for choosing native plants for yard landscaping. It offers a comprehensive list of indigenous trees and tall shrubs, low to medium-sized shrubs, grasses, and forbs, otherwise known as flowering herbaceous plants that aren't considered grasses. If you've ever taken a walk through any of the wilderness areas in Southwest Idaho, you know how beautiful Idaho wildflowers, or forbs, are in their natural setting alongside other native plants, and why they're all delightful choices for natural landscaping in Meridian.

Of course, yard landscaping is just one way to enhance curb appeal when you're selling a house in Meridian, Idaho. For help with selling your home, give Jeff Stewart at Stewart Realty a call. Jeff and his team have the experience you need to price your home properly to maximize your profit and to help you attract buyers and close the sale.

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