Meridian Idaho Fall Home Maintenance TipsBecause of its location in an area that is subject to freezing temperatures in the winter, Meridian Idaho fall home maintenance should always include winterizing outdoor irrigation systems. According to residential and commercial irrigation pros, both rigid and flexible pipes in irrigation systems can experience damage from freezing water. When it comes to Meridian Idaho home repairs, fixing a burst pipe in an irrigation system can be spendy. Improvenet lists the cost of the job to be almost $670 but in reality you should be able to get a local sprinkler guy out to fix a leak for a few hundred dollars, assuming there is only one or two pipes that have cracked. What you actually end up paying will depend on how deep the pipes are buried and how extensive the damage is. Plus, remember that a burst pipe can cause other damage in your yard including digging up the grass or flowerbeds, so the price of replacing it is just one small part of the total amount it could end up costing you. However, if a little Meridian Idaho fall home maintenance can reduce the chances of a pipe breaking, winterizing your irrigation system is one of the best home maintenance tips you could follow.  It is simple, cheap  and easy to do as sprinkler blow out services for most yards should run under $50.  Definitely a good investment!

Best Home Maintenance Tips for Winterization

There are three different methods for winterizing irrigation systems. Which one you use depends on the type of system you have. The company that did the installation should be able to tell you whether the manual, automatic, or blowout draining method applies to your irrigation system. However, professional landscapers say the blowout method is the most effective of the three, and it can be used on pretty much any type of system to help ensure Meridian Idaho home repairs don’t have to include fixing broken irrigation pipes. Keep in mind that the blowout method is also the most dangerous means of performing this particular Meridian Idaho fall home maintenance. It utilizes a powerful air compressor which can cause serious injury if not used properly, so it is recommended that you hire a professional to do the job if you haven’t had experience working with a compressor that has a rating of 80 to 100.

Regardless of which process you use, the first step for all the methods is to turn off the water supply to the system at the main shutoff valve. Sprinkler and irrigation pros recommend installing a main valve to the system if you don’t have one already. It’s a valuable investment because it allows you to turn off the water supply directly for the entire system in an emergency.

The automatic drain method is the easiest of the three, so Meridian Idaho fall home maintenance goes quicker. Once the water is turned off to the system, just activate the automatic drain. This will reduce the water pressure in the pipes and, once it drops below 10 PSI, drain valves situated at the low points and end of the pipes will automatically open. When the mainline is empty, you’ll need to open the end-of-line valves (the boiler drain and the waste drains) to drain any water that remains between the backflow mechanism and the shutoff valve. Even with automatic systems, you still need to manually pull up the sprinklers, if they have check valves, and open the test cocks on the backflow device to ensure the entire system is optimally drained.

If you have a manual drain system, you’ll be spending a little more time on Meridian Idaho fall home maintenance. The process is similar to the automatic system, but you will have to open all of the drain valves throughout the system by hand before proceeding with the end-of-line valves, the backflow mechanism, and the sprinkler heads. Go through your entire system, manually opening the drain valves and leave each one open as you move to the next one. This will give them time to drain as completely as possible while you attend to the other valves and mechanisms. Then, work backward through the system, closing up all the manual valves as a last step.

Completing the Steps for Meridian Idaho Fall Home Maintenance

Draining your irrigation system is among the best home maintenance tips for home winterization, but there’s more to it than just getting the water out. Failing to complete the additional steps necessary for preparing your system can result in additional damage and the need for more Meridian Idaho home repairs.

After you’ve gone through the steps of draining water from the system, the air compressor should be disconnected, and air pressure must be released. Backflow devices that have ball valves should be opened and closed several times. If any water seeped down into that area of the system from the upper parts, this step will allow it to drain out. You’ll also want to leave the isolation valves about half-open, as well as open test cocks.

All the steps for Meridian Idaho fall home maintenance are essential, but the best home maintenance tips that involve winterizing your irrigation system include insulation. Draining water from the system and relieving air pressure is only half of the job. Those steps certainly help protect the pipes, valves, and various mechanisms from damage, but insulating the system offers an extra element of insurance against additional Meridian Idaho home repairs.

Finally, take care of the irrigation system controllers. If your controllers are mounted outside, you shouldn’t need to insulate them, as the transformer will emanate enough heat to prevent freezing, and it should also be enough to keep condensation from building up inside the enclosure. Naturally, freezing and condensation issues don’t affect controllers mounted indoors. What is necessary for Meridian Idaho fall home maintenance where controllers are concerned is to keep power running to them, but turn the switch or dial to “off.” That way, valve run times, start times, and other programmed information won’t be lost, and the system will stay on schedule throughout the winter. It just won’t activate and come on while the switch is in the off position. Your irrigation system will be right on time and ready to go in the spring when you turn it back on and reopen the main valve to fill the pipes back up.

Busy schedules can keep homeowners from tackling Meridian Idaho fall home maintenance themselves, and it’s understandable to want to hire a professional to do the job. On the other hand, unless your system is configured to require the blowout method, draining an irrigation system isn’t difficult and not excessively time-consuming. A couple of hours on a fall afternoon is all you need to methodically go through the steps to get your system ready for the winter. What you save on hiring out for professional service along with the money saved on Meridian Idaho home repairs is worth the time and effort.

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