Redecorating on a budgetEven if you love where you live, it's understandable to want a change of pace now and then. While it would be ideal to have an unlimited budget that could fund an occasional remodel or room addition to your home, or to be able to clear a few rooms annually and buy all new furniture, most people's reality is working within the constraints of a budget. With the right redecorating ideas, however, limited finances won't stand in the way. Try one of these redecorating tips or try them all you might find you enjoy budget decorating as much as if you had a bottomless bank balance.

Budget Decorating 101

Redecorating ideas start with clearing out the clutter. When you put away everything except for daily necessities in any room, or even get rid of non-essentials altogether, you'll be amazed at how much better the space looks before you do anything else. Once everything is spiffed up and dusted, new accents can make a world of difference, too. A different duvet in the bedroom or fresh curtains and throw pillows in other rooms will create a feeling of newness, and they'll be affordable if you make them yourself. The terrific thing about those basic pieces is that you don't have to be a master seamstress to make any of them. If you can sew a straight line, you can make any or all of them.

Rearranging furniture is the most affordable of redecorating tips because it doesn't cost a red cent, but you get the benefits of a fresh, new look. Instead of wishing you had a window seat, move the loveseat or a pair of chairs and a table to provide the same advantages, but without the cost of construction. Repurposing items is another low to no-cost redecorating idea. Pull out those old plates your grandmother gave you and attach picture hooks to the backs so you can hang them on the wall in an eclectic pattern. Real Simple recommends laying them out before hanging them up to determine what arrangement you like best. Also, give old furniture or framed mirrors a makeover with a fresh coat of paint and new hardware.

Other Useful Redecorating Ideas

The money may not be available for a remodel, but there are some budget decorating techniques that can transform rooms in your home almost as well as remodeling. HGTV ( advises using dividers, bookshelves, and art to break up larger spaces and turn them into semi-separate rooms. New paint is typically on any list of decorating tips, but you don't have to paint all the rooms in your home. According to Refinery29, picking one room to paint is a low-cost way to transform the space, especially if you find a shade you like on sale. Don't forget the ceiling, either. It's often overlooked but can do a lot to change the way a room looks, especially if you do something dramatic like installing salvaged wood or faux beams. House Beautiful's  redecorating ideas for the kitchen include taking the doors off of upper cabinets to lend the open feel of glass cabinets without the cost.

Remember, too, that shopping thrift stores, garage sales, and hotel liquidations are vital for budget decorating. You never know when you'll find a treasure at a bargain price.

There are always times when redecorating isn't the answer. If your change of pace requires you taking a look at New Homes in Meridian or the rest of Southwestern Idaho give Jeff Stewart at Stewart Realty a call for a personal tour of the area and some great homes that fit your style and budget.

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