Meridian Winter Home PreparationAs far as home repair tips go, staying on top of home maintenance is valuable advice. You can’t indefinitely put off every maintenance issue you view as non-essential. At some point, those pesky little items will demand attention, and it will likely be in the form of winter home repair—during the time of year home improvement pros note when making those repairs is practically impossible. Investing some time for Meridian winter home preparation will pay off peace-of-mind dividends you’ll appreciate when the icy wind blows, and the snow is falling outside.

Keeping Ahead of Repairs With Winter Home Maintenance  

In Meridian, winter home maintenance should start in the later summer or early fall with the exterior of your home. Pick a sunny weekend afternoon so you won’t be fighting miserable weather while you try to prepare your house for just those conditions. Allstate Insurance recommends starting at the top, with the roof and gutters. Though summer weather is nicer, extreme heat and summer storms can do as much damage as winter weather. Clean off any leaves, twigs, or other debris that may have collected on the roof, then inspect the shingles. Secure loose ones and replace missing ones. Also, make note of any potential leaks and schedule winter home repair with a professional roofer to avoid a major issue after the bad weather hits.

Restoration Master classifies gutter care as part of winter home maintenance of the roof. As long as you’re up on the ladder, it’s a good time to clean leaves out of gutters to keep them draining optimally. Seal seams and downspouts, too, to prevent leaks from seeping water near windows and doors.

And speaking of windows and doors—they’re the next items on the winter home maintenance list. Warm air stays in your home better, and the cold is kept at bay when these areas of the home are well-sealed. Repair or replace caulking and weather-stripping on all your doors and windows every few years as needed.

Winter Prep Home Repair Tips Inside the House

Fixing broken pipes can be a winter home repair issue in Meridian if it gets unusually cold as it does some years, but it’s one that can be avoided with some preventative winter home maintenance. Place pipe insulation around exposed plumbing in the attic, crawlspace or basement. You don’t need to fully heat your crawlspace or basement, but it’s a good idea to keep the temperature at or above 40 degrees Fahrenheit to help prevent pipes from freezing.  A good way to help out your crawlspace is to close the foundation vents at the same time you are cleaning out your gutters.  Doing so will help maintain an above freezing temperature.

Change the furnace filter, and have it serviced to ensure there aren’t any issues that will keep it from working through the winter. Every few years be sure to ask the HVAC specialist to check the air ducts for leaks and seal any that he finds.  A programmable thermostat is a wonderful way to save a few dollars in heating costs each winter and helps avoid coming home to a cold home after work.

Most newer Meridian homes have gas fireplaces which typically don’t need much maintenance but some older Meridian homes have wood fireplaces. They’re charming, cozy spots to gather during chilly Idaho winter evenings. Winter home maintenance should always include cleaning the fireplace and getting the chimneys cleaned, too. Removing ash and vacuuming out the interior of the fireplace minimizes dust and soot around your home and, since buildup inside the chimney is a hazard, getting it cleaned is a safety issue, too.

One final item on your winter home maintenance list is checking your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Test them to ensure they’re working properly and change out the batteries once a year so you can trust they’ll still work if and when you need them to.

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