For many people, buying a house is the most important investment they'll make, so protecting your home is a logical move that helps ensure you are safeguarded against unexpected circumstances. Home protection in Meridian, Idaho, can mean more than one thing. First, homeowners insurance is a way of protecting your investment from disasters that can damage or destroy it. Plus, insurance companies allow customers to customize home protection plans to include more than basic replacement in the event of a tragedy, as well as additional coverage for catastrophes that are more likely to happen in certain areas of the country.

Additionally, modern technology has made protecting your home with a home security system affordable and commonplace. In the past, home protection plans to optimize the safety of your family and security of your house were costly and complicated. These days, however, security systems for home protection in are easy to install and, many times, having one will make protecting you home with an insurance policy less expensive.

Protecting Your Home With Insurance

If you take out a mortgage on your house, the lender will require that you also have an insurance policy in place protecting your home so they will get their money back if the house burns down or some other disaster befalls it. Even though there are no laws that require home protection in Meridian through insurance if you own your house free and clear, it's still wise to buy a policy for the same reason a mortgager insists on one.

When it comes to insurance policies, not all home protection plans are the same, and most are adeptly written to only pay out if damage is incurred under specific circumstances. Investopedia explains that the verbiage in insurance policies usually restricts coverage to damage that happens accidentally and suddenly. That means a basic policy will typically cover damage from fire, hail, high winds, and theft, but won't necessarily cover a roof that collapses because of its age, damage that happens from a slow and unknown roof leak rather than from storm damage. Also, if you have any outbuildings that aren't attached to the house such as a shop or garage, you should make sure your policy addresses those structures, too. If it doesn't, damage to those buildings may not be covered. 

While insurance policies don't normally cover destruction from earthquakes, floods, mold infestation, neglected repairs, or acts of terrorism or war, you can typically buy home protection plans with additional coverage that addresses any or all of those specific instances. Mortgage lenders even require protecting your home with extra coverage in some cases, for instance such as stipulating you must buy flood insurance if your house is in a flood plain.

Insurance for home protection in Idaho goes above and beyond insuring just the replacement cost of your house and its contents. In today's litigious society, liability coverage is more important than ever. If someone trips on your porch and breaks an arm, you are liable, but homeowners insurance with liability will cover the cost of medical care. If a neighbor's house is damaged because of your negligence, such as from an unattended charcoal grill resulting in fire, the liability coverage kicks in. Even if your pet causes injury or damage, liability insurance should cover the cost.  You can also take out what is called an umbrella liability policy that covers very high amounts of liability.  These are typically very inexpensive for what you get.

Angie's List points out that insurance policies can be purchased to cover more than just home protection. If a disaster occurs that causes you to have to live elsewhere because of damage to your house, the right policy will ensure you don't have to worry about alternative housing costs. Insurance for additional living expenses will pay for restaurant and hotel bills among other expenditures you might have while your home is being repaired.

One more optional type of insurance that some may want to consider adding to home protection plans would cover a home business. According to the NEA website, your homeowners policy may offer some coverage but, especially if customers and clients will be coming to your home, you should ask your insurance agent about adding on an endorsement to cover a home-based business. It's an expense you can pay for and write off through the business, and you'll be happy for the extra coverage if someone is injured on your property while there on a business-related matter.

Ensuring the insurance policy you have is sufficient for protecting your home requires more time than clicking a few boxes on a website and entering your banking information for electronic payment. It's better to make an appointment with an insurance agent and spend some time talking about your specific needs and which home protection plans fit those needs. An agent can help make sure you get the best coverage that fits your budget and will walk you through the factors that affect what you'll pay for home protection in Meridian, Idaho. For example, your premium will depend on where you live, how much your home and its contents are insured for, what additional endorsements you purchase, and even what your credit score is. Don't be afraid to shop around. Do talk with more than one agent and get multiple quotes for comparable coverage, but don't jump at the lowest rates. Dig a little deeper and find out about the reputation of the company in addition to what kind of coverage and rates they offer.

Home Security for Home Protection in Meridian

Overall, Idaho is considered a very safe place to live, and Meridian even ranks among the safest cities in the nation with a crime rate 56 percent lower than the national average, according to AreaVibes. However, no place is entirely free from crime, making home security a vital part of protecting your home. How far you go for home protection is a personal choice, and can be as simple as securing all entrances with new locks and adopting a pet that can double as an alarm system and bodyguard for the family.

On the other hand, even with a dog on the premises, you may feel safer protecting your home with a security system. Considering that the U.S. Department of Justice reports that, on the average, 3.7 million households are burglarized each year, beefing up home protection with cameras, monitors, and alarms understandably provides homeowners with extra peace of mind.

Fortunately, home security systems are better than ever. Cutting-edge technology puts advanced equipment at your disposal, and it's all surprisingly reasonably priced. What makes security home protection plans even more affordable and attractive is that having one installed can get you a break on the price of homeowners insurance as well as increase the value of your home if and when you want to sell it. In fact, according to Home Advisor, installing a home security system ranks up there with finishing a basement or redoing the kitchen when you want to increase the sales price of a home, but it's far less expensive than those construction projects.

There are a variety of types of systems for home protection in Meridian Idaho. Some companies sell packages and base the pricing on what each one includes. Examples of some features are alarms on each entrance including the windows, security cameras, different types of keyless entry options such as numerical keypads or fingerprint recognition, and monitoring services. Most homes only require a basic system, but each homeowner chooses the options that appeal to them for convenience as well as home protection in Meridian. They might like the idea of a security company monitoring their system because, for a small monthly fee, the company will notify the authorities if an emergency occurs. The Chicago Tribune points out that monitoring isn't required for the alarm system to work, but it's a valuable addition to any system.

Many systems are now incorporating fire, flood, and carbon monoxide detectors along with intrusion alarms for protecting your home against dangers not related to break-ins. Additionally, you can have cameras installed in areas other than entrances to help you keep an eye on your children or pets. What's more, many people love that their system can be set up so that they can remotely adjust the thermostat in their home, turn lights and appliances off and on, and even view the camera feeds using an app on their smartphone or tablet. One popular system includes a microphone and speaker with a camera at the front door so you can see who's ringing the bell as well as send them away or let them in from anywhere in the house--or the world!--as long as you have Wi-Fi access. On top of it all, many systems are wireless, meaning no major construction or drilling holes in walls is required to install the system you want.

If you are house shopping, you'll want to keep issues for home protection in Meridian in mind as you view homes that interest you. Be on the lookout for structural concerns or locations far from fire protection that might affect insurance rates, and take note of homes that already have security systems installed.

The professionals at Stewart Realty have the experience to help you with both matters vital for protecting your home. To find out more about Meridian Homes for Sale or the rest of Southwestern Idaho, give Jeff Stewart at Stewart Realty a call for a personal tour of the area and some great homes that fit your style and budget.

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