What Makes a Great Meridian Idaho Neighborhood?Shopping for your new home doesn't start with the house itself. You begin by looking at what areas of a city you'd like to live in, then focus on what existing homes or new construction opportunities are available. Sure, great Meridian Idaho neighborhood homes are important, but when you already live in a terrific area, you might not give much thought to what makes a great neighborhood. Here are a few neighborhood tips that will get you thinking about what elements are essential in the surrounding area if you've been thinking about buying a home.

It Fits Your Life

There are many factors to consider when looking for a great neighborhood, but Forbes kicks off their list of neighborhood tips with matching your lifestyle. Take a look at the demographics. People whose lives are similar to yours are living in the neighborhoods you'll likely love. For example, families tend to gravitate toward areas that have single-family dwellings with yards rather than townhouses or condos. Before looking for great neighborhood homes, take a tour of a few different neighborhoods in the area and shop for houses in the ones that feel like home.

Terrific Common Areas and Lots to Do

The best cities put a lot of thought into planning, and great neighborhoods are built around places for people to meet and also offer a variety of things to do, according to the Project for Public Spaces. Parks, youth sports programs, greenways, amphitheaters, and activity centers are hallmarks of a great neighborhood, and they get extra marks if they're as appealing and comfortable as they are conveniently located. Those types of areas in a neighborhood offer things to do, but a really great neighborhood also has access to amenities such as shopping, entertainment, libraries, and restaurants, too.  Meridian Idaho is that kind of place! AreaVibes is an excellent resource for seeing what extras a city offers and which neighborhoods are closest to the things you like to do the most.

High Curb Appeal, Low Crime

You probably won't find great neighborhood homes in areas where residents have no pride of ownership or crime rate is high. There's a reason you're drawn to places where the other houses in the area are well-kept and the yards cared for. That's what you want for your home, and the surrounding houses should reflect that. The local chamber of commerce or the Idaho State Police website is a good place to get crime rate information on individual neighborhoods, but so are neighborhood watch groups and local police precincts.

Neighborhood Groups

And speaking about neighborhood watch groups, having one is an additional feature of the best neighborhoods. It's part of that pride of ownership issue combined with controlling crime. The National Crime Prevention Council says that neighborhood watch groups are among the most effective crime prevention tools available. Group meetings are a place to socialize and get to know your neighbors, as well as to actively make your neighborhood a great place to live.

Other types of neighborhood groups exist, too, for getting together with those nearby who have similar interests. Some cities have groups that serve specific blocks as well as ones that cover larger sections of the city. You may find special interest neighborhood groups formed for a variety of reasons from special issues regarding parks or schools to neighborhood book clubs, knitting circles, and yard and gardening organizations.

Super Schools

Families with children of any age will want to find great neighborhood homes in areas that have access to great schools and all the auxiliary programs for kids associated with them. In addition to being a benefit and a convenience, however, Realtor.com reveals that proximity to good schools also increases home values and the same is true in Meridian, Idaho.  In fact Meridian has a number of school options such as Charter and Magnet Schools that give parents great choices for their kids.

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