Buyers need an exclusive agentLet's say you are in the market to buy a Meridian home. Before you have had a chance to think about retaining an exclusive agent to buy a home, you unexpectedly find a house for sale that looks like it could be your dream home. Conveniently enough, the listing agent is out in the yard setting up the "For Sale" sign as you're driving by, so you stop to ask if he can show you the house. So far, the scenario might seem uncomplicated, but it is right at that point that things can become problematic.  In most cases if you attempt to buy real estate directly through the Listing Agent, hence without an exclusive buyer representative you will be dealing directly with the agent who has obligations to bring the best possible terms to (you guessed it) the seller.

Divided Loyalties

When someone hires a Realtor to sell their home, that agent's job is to protect their client’s interests through the process of selling a house and that includes getting the best possible price for the seller. If someone comes along who doesn't have a buyer's exclusive agent, which party is the listing agent obligated to?  The seller!

Skilled, competent agents do try and give both sides equal representation and fair consideration, but Bankrate points out that the inherent conflict of interest makes it practically impossible for one agent to fulfill their duties to both parties. Inevitably, one side or the other will have to take a back seat, and without a real estate exclusive agent in Meridian to represent them, it usually ends up being the buyer.  As the saying goes, no one can serve two masters!

What a Real Estate Exclusive Agent in Meridian Brings to the Table

Realtors in Meridian who specialize in representing buyers play an important part because they have the buyers' best interests at heart through the whole process, from consulting the buyer on the area, negotiations, inspections, etc. When you hire an exclusive agent to buy a home, he will listen to you so he understands what you're looking for in a house and a location. With access to the most current listings and an expert knowledge of the Meridian real estate market, he'll be able to show you the homes that fit your wish list and your budget.

What's more, when you have an exclusive agent to buy a home, he will be more likely than a selling agent to point out concerns with any property you're considering. He can recommend financing options and help you get prequalified with a competent lender, so you know the homes you are looking at in truly in your price range. Your exclusive agent's job doesn't end there, either. He'll be there for you throughout the escrow process to help make sure no detail gets overlooked. The Realtor representing you will be on top of necessary disclosures and inspections and will double-check on repairs. He'll even be there at closing to explain closing documents are in order.

Finding an Exclusive Agent to Buy a Home

It's not hard to find a buyer's exclusive agent in Meridian, but you should do some homework before deciding on one. Research Realtors you're considering. The Wall Street Journal says that research should include checking with the Idaho Real Estate Commission to find out if any of the agents you're interested in have had past or current complaints filed against them. WSJ also recommends not only asking explicit questions about the services the agent will provide but to get it all in writing to ensure there are no misunderstandings. Plus, ask for references so you can talk to people about their buying experiences with the agents you're considering.  Online review sites are also great places to read up on a Realtor’s past client’s experiences.

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