Middleton is among the oldest towns in Idaho, and it is the oldest in Canyon County but, so far, it remains a superb hidden gem in the Gem State. With a population of just over 5,500 Middleton doesn't just have a small town feel, it is a true Idaho small town. It may not remain in that category for long, however. According to the Idaho Statesman the town's population experienced an over 50 percent growth spurt in the 5 year period between 2001 and 2006, and it has since grown another 21 percent.  At the time of writing this article the population within the city limits is estimated at about 8000.

The wide open spaces, rolling hills on the north bench, the beautiful Boise River valley, low crime and rural environment are just the beginning of what's attracting people to move to Middleton.  It is also just a 30-40 minute commute to downtown Boise. However, there's one more important factor. Considering the median price for homes in Middleton less than Ada County to the east and is very close to the national average, affordable homes in Middleton factor in when families decide to make the move. Plus, there are great schools in Middleton, too, another feature that's convincing everyone to move to Middleton, Idaho.

The Cost of Homes in Middleton, Idaho

You can get a whole lotta home for your money in Middleton, and buying a home there is a good investment. Though home appreciation is up over 14 percent, the median home price is very close to the national average and is around $230,000. With people moving in from other areas in Idaho as well as from out of state at an increasing rate, construction is booming so it's common to find low inventories of homes in Middleton right now.  A good example of affordability is that most that come from neighboring states are able to buy newer homes in Middleton and even with some acreage for less that their previous, old home sold for.   
Another Reason for the Move: Great Schools in Middleton
Out of necessity, the Middleton school district has grown along with the town, but it remains a small, close-knit educational community.  Many of the students come from the rural areas outside of the Middleton City limits and therefore the number of students for such a small town is quite high.  Though there are no private or charter schools in Middleton yet, kids still get a very high-quality education from the five great schools in the Middleton District. Because the student to teacher ratio is only 17:1, according to Area Vibes, kids get the kind of individualized one-on-one attention parents pay handsomely for in private schools in bigger cities. Middleton recently built a new state of the art High School (see photo below) that shows the communities commitment to their children.  As you can see there is also a high emphasis on sports. Education is very hands-on in Middleton, and the support and involvement from parents and the community in general are high--just another reason to make the move to Middleton.

One of the Few Remaining Vestiges of the West

Nestled amid the gentle rise and fall of rolling hills and with a good share of flat agricultural land, Middleton is a Rancher’s or Gentleman Farmers dream. Whether you want to make your living in agriculture or just want a few acres and some livestock, acreage properties in Middleton Idaho are the ideal place to convert your dream into a reality. Many of the existing older homes in Middleton listed for sale include barns, corrals and other outbuildings. Alternatively, because the cost of land in Middleton is still about half of what it is in larger neighboring cities, buying acreage and building to suit is affordable.

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