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Every member of the Stewart Realty team are seasoned, professional consultants. Each is respected and trusted by clients & industry peers for their knowledge of the Boise Idaho Real Estate business. Every team member is selected first and foremost for their high ethical standards, experience and unwavering commitment to the Realtor-Client relationship. Each team member adheres to the BBB Code of Conduct and Stewart Realty has achieved an A+ Rating and the Idaho BBB Accredited Business status.

Jeff Stewart - Broker / Agent  

Jeff Stewart
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Selling Real Estate 101

Selling Real Estate on Your Own

Selling real estate can be complex. There are many things to consider ranging from "What price should I ask?" to "Which contract forms are legal in Idaho?" or "What will it take for buyers to even know my home is for sale?" or "How do I set up Escrow?" "Do I really have the time to handle everything?" Depending on your experience in real estate you may be comfortable handling everything, just some things or you may not want to handle anything at all. Whatever your comfort level, the professionals of Stewart Realty are here to help you succeed!

A short explanation on how real estate brokers and agents typically get paid for their services:

Typically, when you hire a Realtor to sell your home (A Listing Agent) you agree to pay a commission which is usually a percentage of the home's final sales price, paid at closing. Lets say for example that that percentage is 6.0%. In most cases the Listing Agent is representing you, the seller in the transaction. Most often though, it is another Realtor (A Buyer's Agent) that actually brings a buyer (Who they represent) to the negotiating table. Generally, the breakdown of that 6.0% commission is split ½ & ½ to each agent involved. So in this scenario, the Listing Agent would be paid 3.0% and the Buyer's Agent would be paid 3.0%. Please note that the listing fees noted below are just the fees we charge as your Listing Agent and not the fees associated with paying the Buyer's Agent. In most markets we recommend offering a minimum of 2.5% and a maximum of 3.0% to a Buyers Agent unless you are listing bare land which can have a generally higher fee structure.

Stewart Realty Team Objectives:

  • To educate and assist you in the most effective ways to present your property to buyers
  • To expose your property to the maximum number of potential buyers
  • To educate all interested prospects of the unique features and benefits of your property
  • To get you the highest possible sales price for your property quickly
  • To make the listing, sales, and closing process easy, convenient and hassle-free


Our three listing plans are: Gold, Silver and Bronze. Each plan provides a different level of service to meet the needs of all sellers. The cost for each plan varies. Review each to see which plan suits you. Either way, we are committed to helping you sell your property for the highest price, quickly and for a reasonable cost. Please note that all active or retired members of the US Military or National Guard receive a 10% discount on all listing packages and hourly services. Please inform us of this at time of listing.  Call us at 208-887-5445 or 208-602-1993 if you have any questions regarding listing your property.

Gold Premium Listing Service: 3.0% of sales price paid only at closing of escrow
Our 20 point, premium service substantially increases the odds of selling your home for the maximum price. You can expect exceptional, personal, one-on-one service in every the stage of your transaction. You will be a "Client" under Idaho Agency Law. Your agent will be your advocate to negotiate in your behalf in all transactional circumstances. Your sensitive information will be kept confidential at all times and only your interests will be represented. The vast majority of those who choose us to sell their homes select this level of service. It is worth noting that in 2006 a National Association of Realtors research study found that nationally, homes sold without a Realtor sold for an average of 16% less than homes that are sold using a Realtor.

Silver Limited Service: $800 Set-up Fee + 1.5% of sale price ($2200 min) paid at closing. See details below
The Silver Plan is for the seller who is comfortable with some aspects of selling their property but not others. Depending on the sale price of the property the seller benefits to one degree or another by saving a portion of the listing agent side of the commissions they would have paid for full service. Sellers should keep in mind that a MLS listing will not likely be effective unless they offer a cooperating broker/agent a fair commission to bring them a buyer. Our recommendation is 3.0% of the sales price; however a seller can offer any compensation amount they choose. A seller has the option of being a "Client" or a "Customer" under Idaho Agency Law.

Bronze - MLS Entry Only Service Fee: $800.00 Set-Up Fee + $1200 paid at closing.  See details below
The Bronze Plan is for the seller who has the time and the experience handling all of the complexities of the sale of their home by themselves and only need MLS exposure. Selecting this plan means that sellers are not hiring an agent to represent them. Owners become solely responsible for the transaction outcome. Owners benefit by saving the listing agent portion of the commissions they would have paid for full service. Sellers should keep in mind that a MLS listing will not likely be effective unless they offer a cooperating broker/agent a fair commission to bring them a buyer. Our recommendation is 3.0% of the sales price; however a seller can offer any compensation amount they choose. This plan includes no client representation by broker or agent of Stewart Realty, and under Idaho Agency Law are treated as a "Customer”.

Call our office at 208-887-5445 if you have further questions about listing your property.

# Description of Service Gold Silver Bronze

Extensive expert market analysis using actual on-site comparison of current competing properties, current Pending and recent sold comparables for accuracy.

X *A *AA

Pro MLS listing with digital photos, specific property features and facts.


Professional home repair, upgrade and staging advice to prepare your home to show at it's very best and sell for maximum value.

X X -

Expert market analysis review monthly of sold and current competing properties to maintain a leading edge of market competitiveness.

X *A *AA

Digital Online Virtual Tour (Depending on Market Value).

X - -

Expose your property to top local Realtors via Stewart Realty Custom E-Flyer.

X - -

Advertized on our multiple, highly search engine optimized real estate web sites.


Advertized on, Craig's and all Boise real estate websites with MLS feeds.


Custom laser printed color flyers and always keeping color flyers stocked.

X *B *CC

Professional signage, flyer box and IMLS key lockbox.


Agent Staffed Open houses upon request.

X - -

Showings of property to prospective buyers.


Weekly feedback from prospective buyers and buyer's agents.

X - -

Monthly review of Buyer/Agent feedback, showing activity, marketing and action plan.

X X -

Agent availability for phone consultations.


Verification that buyer is qualified and capable of closing transaction.

X X -

Provide all legal contracts for transaction and retain earnest money.

X X -

Negotiate in your behalf all contracts with buyers and buyer's agents.

X X -

Schedule and provide access to all property inspectors, appraisers, etc.

X - -

Review escrow documents and fees for accuracy, schedule and attend closing of escrow with you.

X *C -

Silver Listing Plan - Seller is Responsible for:

A. Determination of initial listing price and subsequent price changes. Stewart Realty will provide MLS listings and data to seller but will not provide market analysis.
B. Keeping flyer box full. Stewart Realty will provide up to 200 color flyers upon request.
C. Attending closing without agent. Agent will do preliminary review of escrow documents for accuracy.

Bronze Listing Plan - Seller is Responsible for:

AA. Determination of initial listing price, listing content and subsequent price changes.
BB. Providing digital property photos, some listing data and description verbiage for remarks section content of listing.
CC. Keeping flyer box full. Stewart Realty will supply the first 100 color flyers to get you started. Additional color flyers $40.00 per 100, printed for you upon request or you may create and supply your own.

Please Note: Bronze Listing Plan sellers are required per Intermountain MLS rules to keep Stewart Realty notified of all applicable changes of listing status (i.e. Contingent, Pending, Cancelled, Closed, etc.) within 24 hours of change so that the listing can be updated accordingly.


These are other services that we provide clients and customers outside of our standard listing plans on an as-needed basis. Fees are estimated and based on an hourly rate of $100.00. Retainers may be required.

Description of Service Standard Fees (Min)

Professional Comparative Market Analysis


Appraisal by a Licensed, Certified Appraiser


Planning and Zoning Resolutions, etc.

$200 Base + Hourly Rate

Providing and handling of real estate contracts & addendums


Negotiating of offers, counter offers and addendums

Base + Hourly Rate

Review of closing documents


Miscellaneous Services

Hourly Rate

E-Flyer Distributed to top Boise Real Estate agents


Digital Virtual Tour



Call our office at 208-887-5445 if you have further questions on listing your property.